2007 January:  Cool.....Pedal Board?

Since the very early 80's I had assembled a pedal board of 4 or 5 stomp boxes I typically used. A tuner, a delay or two, a chorus or whatever was in fashion over the years. I still have an old Arion powered board that has been reliable and sturdy. However, these days I like to travel light. A guitar or two, an amp. Still I wanted an in-line tuner and possibly a delay for slap back echo. Trem and reverb (my two favorites effects) are usually stock in the amp I'll bring. I got the idea after seeing the Korg AX3G on sale at Musician's Friend for $49.99. I bought one and decided that I would program some basic variations on slap back. This little box is pretty remarkable for all the sounds it packs (most of which I will never have use for in my life time). Great reverb, great echo and a tiny package. I got to thinking though that this frail little plastic toy won't stand a chance in the real world AND more importantly has a vintage looks "hip" factor of -7. Below is my answer to both problems. A sturdy little cigar box servers as both a carrying case and vintage looking "Atomic Ranch hands" approved retro cool look. Spending way too much time with a Dremel tool and I soldering iron I carefully fit the AX3G into the box with velcro and various jacks. I added input and output stereo jacks and a power jack as well. The Korg can be used with the cigar box completely closed. Cool. no really.... very cool.




Here is a picture of me in front of the new location of Alex Music in May 2003. Alex Music used to be on the same side as Manny's Music. Now one of the many Sam Ash stores on 48th street has taken up space. 48th Street, while fun to visit, isn't what it used to be.



The Chumpies are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD !

My Nephews Mike and Matt. Mike is on his totally cool Slingerland drum set with cool matching Pearl snare and assorted other non Slingerland pieces. Matt is holding a guitar of Asian origin. Pictured to the right are my nieces Olivia and Alex, aka The Chumpettes !!!



My father hanging out in Brooklyn New York in 1956. He wasn't a Rock n Roller but he sure did look like one.


This is my favorite motorcycle. It is a 1995 Harley Davidson Road King. I proudly rode this home from Williams Harley Davidson of Boundbrook New Jersey on December 28th 1994, a day I will never forget. Years later hurricane Floyd blew in and the Raritan river flooded the town of Boundbrook. The dealership and many other businesses on Main street were under water. The dealership burned down during the flood and the building  is no longer there.


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