Debra and the Dynamites

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Welcome to the Debra and the Dynamites page. The Dynamites consist of Ronnie Boy Dynamite on a electric bass and vocals, Donnie Boy Dynamite on drums and vocals and Mark on electric guitar and vocals. Little Debra Dynamite aka Debra Calabro takes the front center with some killer vocals. If you've clicked on either my PT109 or King for a Day pages you will of course see some familiar faces. Donnie Boy is none other than Don Gioia of King for a Day. If you scroll down to the way bottom of this page you will see an old photo from 1993 of the Ron and Rick trio. Ronnie Boy Dynamite is none other than Ron Nagy of the Ron and Rick trio. Below are pictures from some of the more recent gigs we've done.


The Dynamites open for Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys at the Saint in Asbury Park New Jersey.

Deb does some truly exotic dancing!


Tommy "Gun" wails on the saxophone!



Here's Big Sandy, me and some French looking cat.


Here's Big Sandy's guitar player Ashley Kingman and me. Ashley plays some serious guitar. He was featured in the December 2001 Guitar Player magazine!


And of course me again with my old friend and fellow lefty guitar slinger Scott "guitar" Murphy of King Kerosene fame.


Here is a picture of Eddie Munster (aka Butch Patrick) and me. Butch was in town doing a Halloween Haunted house in the famed Convention Hall in Asbury Park. He stopped by Crossroads bar in Asbury to hear us play one night. Check out Butch's site by clicking here

Also at Crossroads (left to right) some cat walking from the Men's room, a lady I don't know, me, Butch, Ronnie Boy D, Debra D, Scott, Lenny Lounge and Donnie Boy D.


Debra and the Dynamites at a very soggy Strawberry Fair


Ronnie Boy Dynamite's Big 40th Birthday Surprise.

The crowd rushes the stage.....


Say!   There's Ronnie Boy Dynamite in his other group "the Ron and Rick trio" circa 1993. Wrangling Rick Shapiro plays a mean guitar as well as keyboards. Rick can be seen with Donnie Boy Dynamite and me as members of the famed rock group King for a Day. No lie folks that whole stage set-up was built solely for this party in a back yard and taken down shortly there after. God bless America !