Here are some picture of the Guitar Room aka the "guest" room. So far no one has "guest" correctly how many guitars there are in here. Get it? ok ok. There is also a futon here and yes we do have guests stay from time to time. In any case indeed my favorite room in the house.

The leopard couch is circa 1971. The pole lamp is 1966. The Grundig radio/phono is from 1959.


The home office sporting a 1969 Competition Mustang and a 1993 Guild X170 Manhattan as book ends.


Wall of Sound! Fender sound! Most of the guitars pictured here are from 1963 to 1969. The exceptions are the 1977 Stratocaster, the 96 Stratocaster and the '62 Reissue Custom Telecaster.


The way in and out but why would you leave?....        oh maybe you play righty.


The practice corner also doubles as a library. 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb at your service. These days with the baby monitor on the shelf you might guess that the POD (pictured near the desk in previous photo) and a set of headphones get a bit more use.


The Gibson wall.

The 1968 Gibson Byrdland, the 1968 ES330 and the much newer ES135 make a nice arch-top trio.


The Gretsches sharing a corner with the 1951 Epiphone and Rickenbacker Model 1997 guitar.