This stunning Guild X-170 Manhattan was given to me by my beautiful bride as a wedding gift. She purchased it from Dale Rabiner at DHR Music. Dale has some of the most unbelievable left handed guitars on the planet. I'd like to think we will be back some day. This guitar was made at the Guild factory in Westerly Rhode Island before the Fender Corporation saw fit to purchase Guild. Guild no longer makes the Manhattan model. A perfect specimen, this guitar is a dream and is proof positive that Guild is the most underrated American guitar company. Clearly on par with the other big "G"in my humble opinion.


Guild Manhattan photos taken by Bill Magness Photography and provided by DHR Music

Below is my debut (May 18th, 2002) of the wedding guitar with it's happy new owner and the debut of the groom with his happy new owner !  These photos were taken by J.R.W. Photographers, Inc.  They did all of the photos at our wedding and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a wonderful job. 


Reception photos by J.R.W Photographers, Inc.

 Update: January 2007

While I did enjoy playing this Guild Manhattan X-170 with it's original "harp" tailpiece I could not resist adding this original Guild factory gold left handed Bigsby vibrato. I stumbled across this extremely hard to find left handed Guild Bigsby on the web and nearly fell of my chair. I purchased it from Guild guitar expert and Author of "The Guild Guitar Book" Hans Moust. He quickly shipped it all the way from the Netherlands. Funny thing, this original left handed gold Guild Bigsby quite possible originated in Hoboken New Jersey. In any case it is in New Jersey now. This guitar has quickly become a regular "go to" guitar with it's newly added vibrato and my unwavering love for the Bigsby!