1967 Gretsch 6186 Clipper This Gretsch Clipper boasts one Hilotron pickup, a volume and a tone. It doesn't get much simpler than that. I added the tune-o-matic bridge. Everything else is as it should be. Unlike the earlier Clippers this one has the thinner 1 3/4" body depth..


1993 Gretsch 6120 Nashville  This Gretsch Nashville found it's way from Southpaw Guitars in Houston Texas. I bought it new back in the mid-90's. The Gretsch company has since been bought by Fender. This guitar plays great, sounds as sweet as cherry pie. On top of all that is a beauty to look at.


2006 Gretsch 6196 Country Club This Gretsch Country Club was purchased on Ebay from 'RockyStreetSounds' of Brooklyn New York. Unlike the Gretsch 6120's 24.6" inch neck scale the Club has a 25.5" scale is a little more familiar to Fender lovers and makes for nice easy playing up high on the neck. Also unlike the 6120 the Club has a solid spruce top. This guitar projects beautifully when unplugged. Other features include the "mute" switch and a two way tone switch instead of a tone knob. Sorry for the reflection in the photo. I will work on that.....


2007 Gretsch 6128T 1957 Reissue Duo Jet This Gretsch Duo Jet was purchased used on Ebay. It came equipped with a spacer bridge. I have since swapped out a number of bridges on this guitar but as usual settled on a Gretsch roller bridge since it is adjustable for intonation. Also I couldn't live with the horribly weak repro DynaSonic pickups it came with. I tried adjusting the polepieces closer to the stings I also tried lifting the pickups with spacers and all of this did little to improve the output. After pondering my options I decided to try a set of GFS NYII pickups. A closer look at the picture below reveals no pole-piece adjustment screws. Over the years I have tried a lot of pickups in a lot of guitars and I have to say these  pickups are my favorite. They are loud, clear and sparkling. For pickups this hot I was pleased to find none of that overwhelming mid sound. These pickups also don't loose any clarity when using the volume control and the guitar sounds unmistakably like a Gretsch should. The best and most unbelievable part is that the pair cost $80 direct from GFS.


Here is a picture of the Gretsch wall in the guitar room along with some old Gretsch ads from Downbeat magazine and also some select Chet Atkins LP covers. Hiding in the corner is a Gretsch Executive amplifier.