1993 Rickenbacker Model 1997

While In Los Angeles I had the pleasure of playing this Rickenbacker model 1997 guitar. While it is similar to the Rickenbacker 335, the 1997 has an "f" hole rather than the slash sound hole and also has vintage reissue pick-ups etc.  While watching John Fogarty on a VH-1 special I noticed he used a Rickenbacker similar to this one.  His however had a Bigsby rather than the flimsy useless original vibrato.  Shortly after that so did mine. Boy do I love the Bigsby !


Here it is with some old Beatles sheet music from the 60's. If you look closely to the right you can see the little Knightsbridge Underground placard I bought in London will visiting my old friends Paul and Chelvi. They lived in Knightsbridge at the time. To the right is a picture of Mr. Peter Townsend (circa 1964) holding a Model 1997 Rickenbacker. According to the Rickenbacker website and I quote the "Model 1997 was issued in 1964 for exclusive distribution in Britain and was the most popular export instrument. Know as a 'slim-line' guitar for its 21 fret, sleek 'fast action' neck, this model utilizes a violin sound hole". This model was also known as the "Rose Morris" Rickenbacker. Rose Morris was the big musical instrument distributor that around 1964 became the sole distributor of Marshall amplifiers for the next twenty something years to follow.



Below Pete Townsend sits in front of a wall of Model 1997 and 1998 guitars. Clearly these guitars have seen "action" in live Who shows. Speaking of, the patch to the right is from a concert I attended many years ago. The long since gone New York radio station 95.5 WPLJ gave these sticker patches out at the show.



Not having much to do with Rickenbacker below is a scan of an autograph that was given to me by Paul. In working with the IPI in London Paul gets to meet all kinds of famous musicians. One night while dining with the now late great Joe Strummer of the Clash Paul got this for me. We were all huge Clash fans and so this is very cool. On the back is a note from Paul indicating that Joe Strummer had heard of my old band PT109. While I like to think that this is true it is unlikely since we never quite made it. Still since Joe Strummer has passed on and it can never truly be confirmed lets all say that it is in fact true. He did actually write PT109 above his signature.