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January 11th 2004

 Rockabilly legend Robert Gordon, me and songwriter Paul Evans pose for a photo in my vocal booth (aka the family room). I had the pleasure of working with them to record a demo of three songs for a cool project they are working on. Both Robert and Paul have some really cool websites so be sure to check them out. Paul has penned songs for the likes of Elvis Presley, Bobby Vinton and more.


Down in the basement studio Robert Gordon, Barry Ryan, John Willoughby, Jeff Dilena, Paul Evans, me and Scott Murphy all get together for a picture. Barry, Jeff and John play in the Rockats when not backing up Robert Gordon.


Barry Ryan is holding a cool Gibson Chet Atkins Tennessean with added Bigsby. Robert is holding a cocktail of unknown make and model.


A Recent Robert Gordon concert flyer in Finland.



 Christmas Time is here! and so are those Fabulous Los Straitjackets!


 and the World Famous Pontani Sisters! Joy to the World!



 Above pictured is the Lovely Angie, Helen, me and Tara!



Above is Angie, Tara, Donnie Boy Dynamite and Helen!


 Both the lovely Pontani Sisters and Daddy-O Grande' (aka Danny Amis) were kind enough to pose for a photo or two after the show at the Conduit in Trenton New Jersey.  Left to right is Rose, Ronnie Boy Dynamite, Daddy-O Grande', me and Donnie Boy Dynamite.


And while we're on the subject of Surf Guitar...


 Pictured here is me and Jim Fuller, The Surfaris original lead guitar player  and co-writer of legendary 1963 surf instrumental hit Wipe Out! We were hanging out in a garage in San Diego circa 1982. Jim told stories of fast cars, fast women and fast money spending following the success of their hit B side to Surfer Joe. Do a search on Google using the word 'Surfaris' for countless links on these guys.


 Jim is pictured below on the far left holding the sweet Fender Stratocaster.


Picture below (L to R) is me, Charlie Gracie and my lefty guitar playing buddy Scott "guitar" Murphy. Charlie had a big hit in 1957 called Butterfly. This song has been covered by the likes of Paul McCartney and others. He is also credited with giving guitar lessons to rockabilly star Eddie Cochran. Charlie still plays weekly at Moore's Inlet in North Wildwood New Jersey. Click here to view more cool info about Charlie. For more cool info on Scott and his rockabilly group King Kerosene click here.


Below left is Charlie Gracie in 1957 and to the right is Charlie in 1999. Both pictures are in Wildwood New Jersey.



 Picture below is Boz Boorer holding his Gretsch Tennessee Rose. Boz plays guitar with Morrissey.  He is legendary on the rockabilly scene, among the many bands he has played with are The Polecats, Adam Ant, Boz And The Bozmen, Ronnie Dawson, The Deltas, John's Children, Blubbery Hellbellies, The Shillelagh Sisters, and Jet Black Machine.

left to right is Dave Van Epp, John Willoughby, Boz, "Kid Rocker" Dean Micetech, Jeff Dilena and me.


There I am on the left with Virginia based rockabilly outfit The Atomics. These cats spent a weekend at my house recording an entire full length CD in two days and nights. The record went on to do very well in Europe. Thommy (far right) and my buddy Scott Murphy joined forces in the long distance rockabilly combo The Steubenville Knights. Click here for more on that.


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