On our recent trip to Boulder Colorado my wife, my sister-in-law Laura and I had the pleasure of running into Tyler Stewart of famed Canadian rock group Barenaked ladies. Since I'd worn the same T-shirt for days I figured I'd buy a new one at a shop on Pearl street called Weekends. Laura and her husband John have been fans since the early days of BNL and so she instantly recognized him in the shoes area. He was a cool guy and asked our opinion on some shoes he decided to buy. After that we step outside for a photo op.


Here we are in Fort Collins with a Barenaked Bear. Get it?  That's Laura's husband John. Both he and Laura are graphic artists. She does really great designs for hip under garments and John does design work for a high-end audio company called InnerSound.


Here is a nice view from the foothills of the Rockies.