Amazing StereoCaster - 3 pickup stereo assignable over the top dual amplification "wall of sound" wiring diagram.

As featured on the Amazing StereoCaster:


   1996 American Standard Stratocaster - Completely absurd Rio Grande Tallboy "humbucking" conversion scheme.

As featured on the 1996 American Standard Stratocaster:


  Custom Hot Rod Telecaster - Why settle for 3 or 4 when you can have 5?

As featured on the Custom Hot rod Telecaster:


The StratoVarious   First there was 3.... then 5.....  Some mods gave 7..... 

But now due to coil tapping technology blended with single coil sized humbucking there is 27 possible pickup combinations!

Add a Torres Engineering Midrange kit and you have tonal mayhem!!

That's right! The StratoVarious gives over 27 different pickup combinations all of which YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!

It is believed that even Leo (God rest his soul) was overheard saying "This guy is bonkers!"


As featured on the 1997 American Standard Stratocaster:


  Check back soon for more ridiculously complicated pickup schemes!